School of Digital Economy and Technological Entrepreneurship

Magomaeva Leyla Rumanovna

Magomaeva Leyla Rumanovna

Academic degree:
Candidate of economic sciences
Academic title:
GSTU, educational building № 1
  • +7 (8712) 12-34-56
  • Grozny, st. Avtorkhanova, 14/53

The main purpose of the educational process at the School is the improvement of the quality of education in accordance with the requirements of the nation's transition to a new technological paradigm based on the digital economy. A particular emphasis is placed in the educational process on the formation of a holistic, systematic view of the digital economy and technological entrepreneurship of the graduates, combined with the acquisition of practical skills in the management of economic and legal systems.

The School is notable for the quality of teaching at a high professional level by the professors and teachers.

The structure of the School employs more than 100 research and teaching staff, including 10 doctors and 60 candidates of science, as well as professional practitioners working in private and public sectors.

The School of Digital Economy and Technological Entrepreneurship conducts intensive research. Every year, teachers of the School publish textbooks, which are in demand in the professional community; hold International Forums and All-Russian Conferences.

Associate professors of various departments of the School successfully work on doctoral dissertations being doctoral students at various universities in the country.

Professors annually take part in International Forums of foreign countries.

Every year, teachers undergo continuing education at GSOTU named after Academician M. D. Millionshchikov and in leading universities of the country, internships at universities in developed countries of the world.

Staff members, postgraduate students and students constantly take part in All-Russian scientific and practical conferences, scientific seminars and symposia; participate in conducting research work on state budget and contract topics. The results of research work carried out in recent years are widely used in the formation of curricula and the preparation of new courses.

The structure of the Institute of Digital Economics and Technological Entrepreneurship includes the following departments: