Innovative Infrastructure of Grozny State Oil Technical University

Shared Research Center “Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials”
On the basis of this center an accredited testing analytical laboratory “Spectr” was established to enable important contribution to the field of water, air and soil study.
Shared Research Center “Innovative Construction Materials and Technologies”
Provides scientific technical support for the multi-functional complex “Akhmat Tower”, the ski resort "Veduchi" and other large construction projects developed in the Chechen Republic.
Scientific and Technical Center “Nedra”
Studies effective solutions in the field of engineering surveys and land relations.
Research and Education Center “Geoecology and Geothermal Energy”
Conducts advanced research in the field of geothermal sources’ rational use, including the construction of an experimental geothermal station at the Khankalskaya field.
The fundamental unit of the innovation cluster of our University is the Highpark opened in February 2019 to give your innovative ventures a kick start. It is the “front door” to ignite great ideas and provides dedicated innovation space, facilities, legal and financial expertise across the industries. Highpark aims to create and support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Chechen Republic which develop innovative products, processes and services through the application of cutting-edge research at the GSOTU. Also it helps to transfer knowledge into commercial products and services. It features theater style room for about 30 people, 2 meeting rooms, Wi-FI, multifunctional printers, kitchen, co-working area for around 50 people. It is open for any individual, public and corporate bodies.
Integrated Engineering Center
Support system and promotion of innovative projects from scientific ideas to mass production.
Student Design Bureau
Prepares undergraduate and graduate students at the stage of educational process for practical work in companies producing high-tech products.