Students wrote Great Ethnographic Dictation

8 November 2019, 10:59


     How well do you know the history, traditions and culture of our country? To answer these and other questions, as well as evaluate their knowledge of ethnography, participants in the All-Russian international action “The Big Ethnographic Dictation”, one of the venues for which GSTU im. Acad. M. D. Millionshchikova.

The action is aimed at the national-cultural development of the peoples of the Russian Federation, further strengthening the all-Russian civic identity, as well as peace and harmony. More than 60 people have become participants in today's event. The vice-rector for social and educational work of GSTU Rustam Salgiriev answered the test questions. He noted that the dictation has been held within the walls of the university since 2017:

     “We are pleased that the holding of such events is becoming a peculiar tradition of our university. Russia, first of all, is a multinational country. Such cultural and educational activities contribute to the harmonization of interethnic relations, while maintaining the cultural identity of each nation, ”he concluded.

Shaarani Idilov, head of the Department of History and Law, annually takes part in the action, he notes that university students each time show a high level of knowledge about culture, since disciplines are taught at the university that introduce them to traditional Russian culture.