Being an international university is a must today. Russian government requires that a successful Russian university should enroll a minimum of 1 % international students to degree courses. Our core belief is that diversity of both students and teaching staff is an asset to celebrate in any organization aspiring to a global level. We are committed to prime the pump in international cooperation through creating excellent conditions and unique experience for incoming/outgoing students, research and teaching staff.

    In implementation of international strategy of GSOTU seeks to:
  • Recruit and supervise admission of international students, provide arrival and pre-arrival support
  • Arrange international events (forums, conferences, seminars, delegation visits, etc.)
  • Offer students and staff counselling and support on international educational cooperation and academic mobility opportunities
  • Administers the educational programs provided by the Preparatory Department for international students
  • Promote joint research and educational projects with international and local organizations and communicate therewith
  • Provide visa support and registration of foreign students and lecturers visiting GSOTU
  • Promote GSOTU online and offline in international arena.

International Team

  • Musa Magomadov

    Musa Magomadov

    Head of International Office

    Musa entered this position May 1, 2019. Before that he held the position of Director with Dexter Group, llc, Grozny. Also he is a part time English Club Moderator in Math School, Grozny, and a tutor in LingvaProfi in Chechen State Pedagogical University. Musa has started his first degree in Chechen State University in September 1998 and transferred in 2000 to Pomor State University, Arkhangelsk and graduated thereof in July 2004 as Teacher of English and Finnish. Musa started his career as a translator in Severodvinsk, Arkhangeslk region, September 2004 and later carried on in Arkhangelsk. In 2006 when things settled down after devastating war conflict Musa returned to Grozny and was employed by Chechen State Pedagogical University and Grozny State Oil Technical University as a Teacher of English and an English Club Moderator. In May 2007 Musa founded Dexter Group, llc and worked there as Director until May 1, 2019. From 2009 to 2011 Musa worked as the Head of IT team for a public company.

    In 2009 Musa ran for a seat in Grozny City Council. In 2010 Musa was selected for Legislative Fellows Program and had an internship in Colorado State General Assembly with a Representative of House of Commons for 5 weeks. In 2011 Musa was picked as John Smith Memorial Trust Fellow. Therein Musa was exposed to a mature democracy in the UK and had first hand experience of how good governance, social justice and the rule of law work.

    In 2016 Musa entered a course in International Education with University of Leicester, UK, funded by Russian Government under Global Education Program and got an MA degree with distinction. As a topic for dissertation Musa chose “How Leadership and Organizational Culture Promote Inclusion and Diversity for English as Additional Language Learners Newly Arrived to the UK Through Fundamental British Values Agenda in Ivan Primary School, Leicester.” The topic correlates of Musa’s direct job functions in GSOTU as it promotes celebration of diversity and inclusion strategy for recruiting international students and attracting overseas teaching staff.

    Musa is married and has 3 children and spends his free time with them trying to tune up his RC car of 1/10 scale to speed it over 100 km/h.

  • Zalina joined GSOTU in February of 2019. Before that she worked with a number of public and private organizations and companies, including Grozny City Mayor’s Office, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, private companies in Moscow. Experience gained working across the sectors gave Zalina a holistic picture of how various threads of the society fabric interact. In all her positions Zalina has been dealing with communication with international partners and/or clients. This experience has shaped her skills for building fruitful bridges across the cultures and borders.

    With International Office team Zalina plays a crucial role in organizing events, coordinating strictly projects, meeting the deadlines set. She is persistent and makes things happen. So if the team needs something done urgently Zalina is the person to be addressed to.

    She has started her undergraduate degree in Tomsk State University, Faculty of Foreign Languages, 1995. For three years she studied and lived in a Siberian city with an average yearly temperature 1 degree Celsius. In 1998 she moved to Moscow and carried on studies in Moscow Pedagogical State University and graduated therefrom 2000.

  • Anzor was born and grew up in the Chechen family of a teacher and a housewife in the picturesque village of Zakan-Yurt, located in Achkhoy-martanov district of the Chechen Republic. At the age of 7 he moved to the glorious and legendary city of Grozny, where he finished high school. At the age of 16, after leaving school, he moved to Turkey to study foreign languages. After studying there for 2 years he returned home. In 1998 he moved with his family to the Siberian city of Tomsk, entered the International Faculty of Management of Tomsk State University, from which he graduated in 2003. After graduation, he began his career in Tomsk "Burneftegaz" as an economist. Then he worked in various organizations of Tomsk and Moscow regions, and in 2013 returned to the Chechen Republic, where he continued his career. Since May 2019, he is with International Office team.

    In his spare time Anzor enjoys reading classics, a favorite book of which is the by W. Thackeray "Vanity Fair". During his school years he played for the children football team in his school, and now he loves to play football, especially goalkeeping. He fan of FC "Akhmat". His dream is to visit Loch Ness in Scotland and spend 3 days in a tent on its shore, and also wants to visit the Arctic to see the beauty of the Northern lights.

  • Alaudinova Amina is from the village of Pravoberezhnoe, laying on the right bank of the wild river of Terek 32 km from Grozny. After school the next educational institution was the pedagogical College in Grozny, where she studied for 5 years. Already while studying in the College, Amina decided that she would do BA degree. And in 2014 she entered the Chechen State University, the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Now she is a part-time MA students with same university.

    Her career began in 2012. Combining with her studies, she worked in a secondary school in the village of Terskoe as an English teacher.

    From December 2018 to the present, Amina works at GSOTU.

    Amina is interested in learning foreign languages, she wants to learn 6 foreign languages at least. She also loves photography and wants to become a professional travel photographer.